HR Services

RBHR Consulting provides bespoke HR support as well as ready to implement packages that suit your requirements. We add value to your organisation by providing expert HR support and professional advice. We work with new clients to understand the culture of their organisation and provide commercially viable solutions that drive up performance and add value.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Employment Policies
    Review existing policies and suggest changes in accordance with local employment law and best practice
  • HR Processes
    Review current processes such as tracking holidays, sickness absence, return to work and implement changes where gaps are identified
  • Employment contracts
    Review existing templates and suggest any amendments in line with applicable laws; update employment contracts to reflect any changes in working pattern and any other terms and conditions updates
  • Recruitment & Selection
    Work with hiring managers to ensure job descriptions are fit for purpose, work with your preferred recruitment agencies / social media channels to assist the recruitment and selection process
  • Family Friendly Policies
    Review of existing Family Friendly Policies and make recommendations such as creating templates for maternity related letters, health & safety assessments
  • Performance Management
    Review current process and make suggestions on how to effectively manage the process. Line manager training on effective performance management and coaching
  • Disciplinary & Grievance procedures
    Review existing policies in line with employment law and best practice. For specific cases, conduct meetings and / or assist managers to conduct meetings, draft appropriate letters and manage the process end to end ensuring mitigation of risks to the organisation
  • HR Admin Support
    Tailored support in areas such as tracking and reviewing of visas / work permits, referencing procedures

    You may engage our services using one or more of the following channels:

    HR Health Check

    We provide a HR Health Check which enables us to identify opportunities for improvement and provide you with a priority list of areas you may wish to focus your attention on. We can work with your nominated stakeholders from within the organisation to quickly complete a review of current HR practices. At the end of the process we provide you with a report that identifies short and long term initiatives. We have a pragmatic approach, focusing on the immediate needs of your organisation whilst considering the longer term objectives and strategy of your organisation. A typical health check takes 8-10 hours spread across a week and we aim to work around your availability and convenience.

    On Demand HR

    If you require needs-basis HR advice or support from an HR professional, then our On Demand HR service is perfect for you. This flexible service is a cost effective choice for small – medium organisations who may not require a full time HR presence. You are able to contact us as and when needed and only pay for the work undertaken at our agreed rate.

    Project HR

    This is a very popular service for our clients as it allows you to focus and undertake specific projects in accordance with your organisation’s strategic direction. In most cases the project engagement starts with a discovery phase where we work with you to define scope, high level objectives and success criteria for the project. We will then provide a view of a viable timeline for delivery of your project and can adjust the delivery schedule to factor in other commitments your key staff need to deliver on. The aim of the project approach is to allow your organisation to undergo a step change in HR practice whilst your team continue with their day to day tasks.